You have entered the employee store. If you are not an employee of Steel Encounters, or a direct contractor on our payroll, you are not eligible to purchase from this portal.



  • All charges are processed by payroll deduction. We do not accept cash or credit cards.

  • Deductions from your paycheck may take up to one week to process. If you would like to split charges between pay periods or suspend charges for a later date (no worries!) call Brian Mardjuki (801)478-8247 or by email and he will assist you. 

  • Free shipping. All orders will be mailed to the address on your order. Please ensure your shipping information is accurate.


  • Use code "welcome" for $15 off your first purchase!

  • Watch our social media pages for special coupons and promotions.

  • Each employee receives a coupon on their birthday for A $10 store discount.

  • Apply all coupons and promo codes at checkout for your discount.

  • If you have problems using or applying codes, call Brian at 801.478.8247

Additional Questions?