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The Regent at City Creek
Salt Lake City, Utah


The Regent is an inspiringly modern residential high-rise in downtown Salt Lake City that was developed as part of the extraordinary City Creek Project. It has been noted by many to be the premier residential high-rise in Salt Lake City. The 20-story post-tensioned concrete structure required careful coordination to locate embedments for the attachment of Steel Encounters curtain wall systems. 

Steel Encounters constructed Regent simultaneously with other City Creek projects including, Key Bank Tower, Promontory, Richards Court Condominiums, Block 75 Retail, and the breathtaking cable net walls and retractable skylights. 

Having a multitude of products on the exterior cladding scope of the building took careful consideration of the interface for each condition. Exterior balconies also presented challenges for coordinating the “dead load” of each curtain wall segment. New strategies beyond the architectural documents were developed to guarantee the continuity of cladding elements under daily wind and live loads as well as seismic events. 

The original approach to supporting the curtain wall would have required temporary bracing that would have impeded movement on the floors. Steel Encounters modified the design to accommodate a more effective construction process and provide for greater movement in the building skin.



ZGFA Architects


City Creek Reserve, Inc.



Jacobsen Construction


12/08 - 12/11


City Creek Center

SLC, UT 84111



Design Assist
Unitized Curtain Wall 
Terrace / Sliding Doors 
Aluminum Plate Panels 
Insulated Metal Panels 
Glass Railing 
Stainless Steel Panels 


Other Project Experience


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