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B.D.O. (Business Depot Ogden)
Ogden, Utah

Business Depot Ogden (BDO) is a premier industrial business park situated on 1,118 acres in Utah. Originally built as part of World War II efforts, the “Ogden Defense Depot” became a significant contributor to the economic growth of Weber County as one of seven warehousing and distribution depots operated nationwide by the Defense Logistics Agency. As it closed, the land and buildings were entered into a long-term development contract with Ogden City and developers. Today, renamed as Business Depot Ogden, BDO consists of bustling warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and office spaces. 

Utilizing our in-house project teams of estimators, detailers, checkers, and logistics personnel, over the past 16 months Steel Encounters has completed 42 projects at the site. 


Steel Joist and Deck

Design / Construction: 



Additional Projects

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