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111 South Main  SLC, UT

Project Details


Noted as one of the most distinct engineering designs in the west, 111 Main stands 387 feet above Salt lake City's Main Street. This unique structure required intense collaboration between the design and construction team. The process utilized multiple temporary shoring strategies until the building core could be topped out and the super trusses placed. Features include a truss-hat (column-free building design), 9 ft floor-to-ceiling glass on each level, and 10' x 35' structural glass panes at the street level providing unobstructed views from the lobby. The building is designed to achieve LEED Gold Certification. 

The design assist process for this project engaged Steel Encounters more than a year in advance of site construction. Through multiple design iterations, our team established and maintained the appropriate budgets for the owner, and ultimately returned significant savings at project close-out. 

Steel Encounters erected 16 floors of curtain wall prior to the placement and incorporation of the super-trusses. When the trusses were finally engaged, the building's perimeter and skin transitioned from a state of compression to tension. To accommodate this, each floor was set slightly higher than its final position and then settled several inches. The curtain wall was designed to make this transition, which worked exactly as the two years of planning predicted.

The 35-foot glazed facade system for the expansive lobby of 111 involved a study of movements, rotations, supports, and rigidity to define a system that would cope with the immense imposed building deflections.

To see a video of the design process visit YouTube channel



Design Assist

Unitized Curtain Wall

Architectural Metal Panel 

Seismic Absorbing Structural Glass



Revolving Doors

Design and Construction Team



Okland Cnstruction

111 MAIN
111 MAIN
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